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Somini Studio A.Tray Plate - Aluminum

Somini Studio A.Tray Plate - Aluminum

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A.Tray is inspired by a Korean traditional custom that involves the stacking of stones to make a wish. The products can be combined in different ways based on user preference, and they are available in various sizes and forms in carved Aluminum. As a multi-purpose living plate in everyday life, it can be used as an object along with various accessories.

Plate - 7"L x 3.5"W x 0.25"H

Because it is made of natural materials, patterns and colors may differ for each product. 
If you place food with a lot of oil or moisture on it, stains may occur. 
In case of contamination, use a dry cloth to wipe in the grain direction. 
It can be washed with a multi-purpose detergent, and rinsed with water.
Be careful as there is a risk of damage when applying an impact. 
Be careful as it may be damaged by sharp objects. 
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