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Somini Studio D.CASE Storage Box - Coral Acrylic & Marble

Somini Studio D.CASE Storage Box - Coral Acrylic & Marble

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D.CASE is a storage box, inspired by the Korean traditional custom where Korean people build up a stone wall or put a stone on it to make a wish. The artist has reinterpreted the aesthetic form in which the stones are piled up and designed her work to serve as an object in daily life. She uses a variety of colors and materials, which highlights the aesthetic impression of her design by matching the finishing materials such as wood, marble, and acrylic harmoniously. D.CASE’s provide diverse opportunities to hold your treasures, unique items or just to display them for the beauty they are.

Small 3"L x 3"W x 1.5"H

Coral Acrylic & Marble

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