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Blown Glass Cut Vase Tall

Blown Glass Cut Vase Tall

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The demanding, typical shapes can only be achieved by very experienced craftsmen. To produce glass, the molten glass is first blown into a double-shell metal mold. Since the objects are almost exclusively organic shapes, the objects cannot be rotated as in symmetrical molds, which means that there are always two marks on the object. Depending on color and cut, these marks can be visible in different ways. Bubbles that can form in the process as well as minimal inclusions of non-fused color pigments are natural traces of the handcraft and a sign of full color glass. After the glass workpiece has been cooled down step by step over several days, the various grinding operations follow. This gives the workpiece its individual structure and unmistakable character. Each form is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Since it is mouth-blown and hand-cut glass small deviations in size, color and cut are possible.

Smoke Grey

height: 17.7"
diameter: 12.5"
opening: 5"/5.9"

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